Cornucopiae The Independent Dance



Soundscape and danced gesture

Revival for the Festival d’Avignon Off 2010,
Tuesday 20th to Friday 24th July
at 14.30 and 16.00
10 public performances
in the Salle voûtée de la Maison Jean Vilar.


I continue to go forward by retracing my steps, going back to forgotten times, to the childhood days of this ‘pied-noire’, between 1952 and 1962, on the beach at Bains-Romains, west of Algiers. One of the few memories l have left is of the hours spent studying the sand, walking or crouching, searching for the shells known as “St Lucie’s Eyes”. Ten years vanished into thin air. Where have those ghost years gone, lost in what hidden corner?
Today, I’m in the phase that follows on from « Cornucopiae », a work made in November 2008 concerned with disappearance - of both the face and the outward view - and the last work to be made at the dance centre in La Rochelle. So I’m a dancer now, a nomad, without wishing for a company nor a base, ready to cross the space opened by these returned-to memories, my mind wandering, confronted by turbulence.

The blind dancer and the voice
To pass from the eye to the ear, to privilege the oral over the written, above all to listen. To reconnect with a certain idea of representation by choosing to present one’s work in non-frontal contexts, to realign oneself. to reassemble oneself using words gathered from others, evocative fragments exterior to us.

“…arriving at the shore, she tears out her eyes and walks towards the sea. She begins then to dance with her head tilted back towards what lies behind, following the beach to its limit. All night. The same each night. When dawn breaks, she gathers up her eyes once more and returns them to their sockets…”*
*extract from the myth of the blind dancer « Of flesh and stone. Essay in Kanak mythology (Maré, Loyalty Islands) » – Charles Illouz.

A new version is in preparation with Moise Kuiesine, choreographer with the Wetr company of dancers at Drehu (Lifou), for the Auckland Festival in New Zealand, for performances in Tokyo and Yokohama , Japan and for the Tjibaou Centre in Nouméa, in March 2011. Further performances previewed for the Maison de la Nouvelle-Calédonie in Paris and the Uzès Festival in June 2011.


Sound : Nicolas Barillot
Dance : Régine Chopinot
Guitar : Gianni Fornet
Lighting : Maryse Gautier
Text spoken in Nengone by Guiet Wahea, si Xacace
Text collected by Marie-Joseph Dubois

Support from CDC d’Avignon and the Maison Jean Vilar

First performances : 18th to 20th February 2010
at the Maison Jean Vilar, Avignon
In collaboration with the Maison Jean Vilar
Production : Cornucopiae, with aid from the Ministère de la Culture
et de la Communication – Direction Générale de la Création Artistique
Coproduction : CDC les Hivernales Avignon /Vaucluse /
Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur as part of the Accueil Studio programme.

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