Cornucopiae The Independent Dance


Very Wetr !

A piece co-signed by Régine Chopinot and Umuissi Hnamano
Coproduction Festival d’Avignon, Centre National de la Danse – Pantin and Centre Culturel Tjibaou – Nouméa

Very Wetr !


On stage there are twelve of us, eleven from the Le Wetr group and myself, men and women of every generation, from youths of twenty to ‘ancients’ like me. Since childhood every member of Le Wetr has learnt how to dance, sing and accompany themselves with modest percussions made from vegetable matter such as woven coconut-leaf cushions or large bamboos with deep, muffled sonorities. Traditionally it’s the oldest who sing and the youngest who dance. For our creation Very Wetr !, that I’m co-producing with Umune Hnamano, I’ve suggested we modify their customary approach. They’re ready to adopt these changes and approach them calmly, open-mindedly. Their dances are always accompanied by a stamping of feet on the ground which enhances the sense of force and precision. Their physical engagement is both shrewd and generous, freely and dynamically exploiting the fields of movement open to the body. Their eyes focus in orientations that are both complex and complementary to their movements. Their songs are polyphonic and vivid for the public, their interwoven voices alternating between major and minor modes, using assonance and head-voice to repeat in unison a simple melody in which all the voices harmonise whatever their pitch. Their words juggle between Drehu and French.


Jean-Paul Gaultier is once more with us, looking to find the right balance between palm tutus and town clothes, and working with body-paints in white, red and black, the colours used during festivals.


Maryse Gautier (light) and Nicholas Barillot (sound), loyal collaborators for many years, will work alongside, in a constant search for innovation.


I’m aware that during all my experience far from here I’ve been in the process of clarifying and developing the outlines of a piece that will see one of its fruitions next July. With Le Wetr to work with, it’s highly probable the result will be both joyous and très Wetr !
Régine Chopinot



Creation 2012 – dance – music
Avignon Festival – Cloître des Célestins, from the 9th to the 16th July, 2012

Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes

Choreography: Régine Chopinot and Umuissi Hnamano of Le Wetr.
dance, song and music : Qane Angajoxue, Monu Draikolo, Hawe Hnaije, Umuissi Hnamano, Wemo Hnamano, Drengène Hnamano, Tewie Hnawang, Milie Milie, Zelue Sailuegeje, Ixepe Sihaze, Epiätre Wawine et Régine Chopinot
Lighting: Maryse Gautier
Sound: Nicolas Barillot
Costumes: Jean-Paul Gaultier
Stage: Fabrice Barbotin
Coordination with Le Wetr: Guillaume Soulard

Production: Cornucopiae - the independent dance.
Coproduction: Festival d’Avignon, Centre National de la Danse – Pantin, Centre Culturel Tjibaou – Nouméa,
avec le soutien du FEAC Fonds d’aides aux échanges artistiques et culturels pour l’outre-mer, de l’Institut Français, de la Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, du Groupe du Wetr, du Théâtre Liberté de Toulon, du CNCDC Chateauvallon et de la Province des Iles Loyauté

Cornucopiae – the independent dance receives support from the Conseil Général du Var, the Communauté d’agglomération Toulon Provence Méditerranée, the Conseil Régional Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur and is registered with the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication/DRAC Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur.

Very Wetr ! will be given:
from the 27th of February until the 1st of March 2013 at the Centre National de la Danse in Pantin (Paris)
from the 28th until the 30th of March 2013 at the Centre Tjibaou in Nouméa (New Caledonia)


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