Cornucopiae The Independent Dance



A choreographic project by Régine Chopinot
Song – Dance – Music – A new live object for 2016/2017/2018

“If there isn’t you, there isn’t me. If there isn’t me, there isn’t you. But there is the other too” – Tribute to Umuissi Hnamano




PACIFIKMELTINGPOT has come together gradually, finding its way between unlikely yet regular encounters in France, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Japan. PACIFIKMELTINGPOT was born out of the desire shared by a handful of artists to work informally and openly, putting their need to develop as a group to the tests of time and distance.

Since 2010, several working moments have taken place. The first one with the Lifou's Island Wetr Kanak group in New Caledonia; in October 2011 with the first In Situ Yokohama, Japan; in December 2011 In Situ Wellington in New Zealand. For the first time in December 2012 with In Situ Auckland, Régine Chopinot gathers New Zealand, Japanese and Kanak artists for the first sessions of PMP, set up in September 2013 in Osaka and December 2013 in Lifou and Noumea New Caledonia.

A new "live" object is now taking shape, between here and there, questionning the relationships, the articulation between vertical and horizontal, between me, you and the other.

In dance, everything is transmitted orally, like the ancient cultures that are the Maori cultures, Samoa, Cook, Kanak and Japanese, where knowledge transmission certainly uses the spoken word, but also and equally the impact of touch, the memories of places, the practice of certain rites, the power of the imagination. True art de vivre in which dance, singing, music are always inclusive, never exclusive. The presence of the agile,sharp, experienced body is not reserved to dance: it can be observed in simple everyday situations like walking a path in the bush but also in ritualised contexts such as tattooing or the tea ceremony. These numerous back and forth between the simple and the complex, the individual and the group, live in the present in a fluid and porose way.

PACIFIKMELTINGPOT is multilingual and speaks French, English, Japanese, Maori, Samoa, and cook drehu.

PACIFIKMELTINGPOT is a happy mess, a joyful meeting of people who don't carie about being mixed, multi, trans, inter or whatever...

PACIFIKMELTINGPOT is particularly fond of sea horizons and gathers in the port cities of Toulon, Nouméa, Yokohama, Wellington, Auckland, Kobe...


Mere Boynton, Yuki Furukawa, Drengène Hnamano, Jullie Nanai-Williams, Makoto Nasu, Tai Paitai, Ixepe Sihaze, Daisuke Tomita, Epiatrë Wawine.

Francisco Escalante Vargas – percussions

Régine Chopinot - choreography
Nicolas Barillot - sound
Genta Iwamura - light
Yasuhiro Fujiwara – light assistant
Tomomi Kawaguchi - costumes
Jean-Baptiste Warluzel - video
João Garcia - photo
Sachiko Sawai-Nishio - manager

Coproduced by Cornucopiae, Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP) Inamori Foundation Endowed Course, Osaka University Arts Festival: Memory, Democracy and Identity, NPO DANCE BOX, Kinosaki International Arts Center (KIAC).

With the support of: "Program for the Promotion of Culture and Art by Utilizing University for the fiscal year 2015" The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Creative NZ - Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa


Artistic residencies at Osaka University from August 24 to September 1
and at KIAC Kinosaki International Art Center from September 2 to 16
Premiere at Dance Box, Kobe, on September 22 and 23 2015
Shows at Tottori Festival on September 26 and 27 2015

Download here the 2015 full presentation file (PDF) in English

Download here the 2015 full presentation file (PDF) in Japanese


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